End of Times


It all started in 2012...

End of TImes began with me having 4 interns and not enough stuff to keep them busy! I thought, hell, we could pull of a kickass broadside exchange with all the printers I know, lets do it! The theme was the end of the world due to the fact that my birthday that year (12/21/12) was the end of the Mayan calendar and due to be some sort of apocalypse. We got out the call to about 35 printers and we were off. It was an amazing collection of printers around the nation and the show toured to many exhibits. 

End of times 2: The time is now

Then in 2016, the world started to feel apocalyptic again, people were angry and unsettled and I wanted to get back to the source, I wanted to curate a sequel to my first E of T show and bring us, the people, back to the things that bring us happiness-art making. This time we drew 20 from the first edition and invited 21 new printers from around the globe! It was so exciting finding people that I only new from social media that were stoked to be a part of the new show, everything was bigger and better this time. We got Neenah Paper to sponsor so all the printers got beautiful paper, we had a great show and reception with a wonderful panel talk all held at the College of St. Benedict. 

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End of Times 3: precious time

The artists