Corporate 1/2 day Retreat

Corporate 1/2 day Retreat


Bruno Corporate Retreat

Having unique corporate parties at Bruno Press is all the rage! Smart business owners know that their employees deserve something cool, unique and team building! We can make a day event as simple or complicated as you want but there are always printing + good times to be had.

"Spending an afternoon in Mary’s shop was like being invited to the cool kid lunch table. We learned shit, we printed shit and we talked some shit, all fueled by Mary’s special formula of her signature badassery + design brilliance. Best of all, it was a chance for our team to collaborate on a really awesome project and spend time outside our natural habitat, while still being in the artistic space we favor. There’s no doubt we’ll be back for more."
ANNETTE KMITCH  |  ADVENTURE™  |  Director of Operations & Resources
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Spend ½ day with me in my print shop to learn how things were done old school and enjoy some time outside of work collaborating with your colleagues. We’ll start the workshop getting to know the ins and outs of letterpress printing, talking a bit about design & typography, learning about carving lino blocks and telling stories about kickass printer pals I know.

Each event can be customized based on what you’d like to do, but the end result will be printed posters customized to your company, with something like your logo, tagline, or something else unique to your group.


You’re welcome to bring your own snacks/beverages, or I can provide catering options for an additional fee. Be aware that space is limited – like, literally, there’s not a lot of countertop to set stuff up. And alcohol is fine, as long as you know the full liability of bringing it into my shop is yours.


·      $650 minimum charge (+ $45 per person over 15)

·      Ideal group size is between 6-15 people


·      Bruno Press bans the use of narcotics, firearms and pissy attitudes on our premises.

·      You’re welcome to bring alcoholic beverages for your crew, but you waive Bruno Press and all its employees from any liability.

·      Dress in something you’re not afraid to get ink on. It’s unlikely to happen, but not unheard of.

·      Consider tying back your flowing tresses. Also unlikely but not unheard of for hair to get tangled in a press.

·      Copyright infringement totally sucks (ask me – it’s a good story, and a reminder to me to send my quarterly royalty check to L’il Jon). So we won’t print anything that’s owned by someone else.

·      A non-refundable deposit of 50% of total contract is due upon signing a contract and booking your date. Payment for balance of contract due on the workshop day.

·      I accept cash, check or credit in US funds. No bitcoin. Please note that a 5% fee will apply if you pay by credit card.

·      Shit happens, and sometimes you need to reschedule at the last minute. I’m always willing to do my best to accommodate changes, but see above note about   that deposit being non-refundable. I plan, order supplies, and start creating a custom design when you sign the contract.

·      Shit happens, and sometimes I need to reschedule at the last minute. If that happens and we’re unable to reschedule our time together, that’s the only case in   which I’d refund that non-refundable deposit. So, it’s a mostly non-refundable deposit.

·      More shit happens, and sometimes stuff gets broken.  Just be careful and respectful and we should not have a problem.