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bruno press

The new old school



The new old school is simple.
Hand carved linoleum block + handset wood and metal type + wicked sharp wit = Bruno Press

Craft and belly-aching, tear-streaming humor are what fuel this creative train.
Check out my cards and stuff. I dare you not to laugh.


I inherited my print shop from my father when he passed away suddenly in 2003. Since then I have been falling deeper and deeper in love with letterpress printing, letterpress people, and the letterpress process. I live to carve linoleum blocks, set type, talk shop, meet people that used to be printers, find people that want to be printers, talk to people that don't know shit about printing, all while discovering new ways to make cool shit. My days in the shop consist of drinking lots of coffee, thinking of amusing,  often dark things to print on pretty cards, organizing my business, my mind, and my desktop. I enjoy posting beautiful pictures of ink and type, or of how the sun shines perfectly across my Vandercook mid afternoon. I have a great passion for writing about my adventures, places I have gone to print and the people I have met along the way. People like a “humble negro printer” in Detroit (Kennedy Prints!), a brilliant pile of designers in Nashville (Hatch Show Print), a frisbee tossin', side-burner in Denver (Genghis Kern), a spit-fire teacher in Greenville, an eccentric polyester pant wearin' printer in Louisville (Church of Type), a fiercely strong and determined printer in Sweden (Tryckkammaren), a hardcore rockstar of a printer in Argentina (Walterio), and a kind, soft-spoken printer in the south of France (Margeride). I am one lucky kid, I love what I do, who I know, what I have, and where I go. I ain't happy all the time -but then there is whiskey. 

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Don Bruno Designs Logo Me (McB) Bruno Press Logo




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