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It was so great to have you come visit SVC and bring your prodigious teaching skills to our school. Since I’ve had the pleasure of reading about 10,000 of these evaluations, I can tell you how many instructors get “straight fives” when they teach — let alone when they teach the first time here. Zero. Actually, I guess we do have to admit that one student gave you a “four,” but we have banned that person from ever taking classes here again. Thanks so much for doing an awesome job. I hope you’ll come back again soon and stir things up some more."


Larry Asher
School of Visual Concepts
Seattle, WA 

Minneapolis, MN

"Spending an afternoon in Mary’s shop was like being invited to the cool kid lunch table. We learned shit, we printed shit and we talked some shit, all fueled by Mary’s special formula of her signature badassery + design brilliance. Best of all, it was a chance for our team to collaborate on a really awesome project and spend time outside our natural habitat, while still being in the artistic space we favor. There’s no doubt we’ll be back for more."

Mike Thienes
Videographer /
Producer at Rubinski Works
St. Cloud, MN

"I have always been obsessed with timeless branding and print. After doing some projects with Mary, I can say that she is very passionate about her craft. I would recommend her company for print services to make your brand/company stand out or are looking to purchase gift items that inspire your family and friends. If you are ever out in St. Joe, stop by and see for yourself. Mary rocks and so do her creations."