Interning at Bruno Press

We'll be upfront with you - an internship at Bruno Press will be the coolest thing you do all year. Not only is it a fun atmosphere to work in, but it's also an incredible addition to your resume!

As an intern you will gain diverse work experience from working in an incredibly creative space, but you also will learn business skills as you will be shown first hand how to run a small business. 

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How to apply

To apply for an internship, all you have to do is go to our Contact Page. From there, you will fill in your information as requested. Please include in the 'Message' section: 1. How you heard of Bruno Press, and 2. Why you'd like to intern. Additionally, please make sure that in the 'Subject' section you put "INTERNSHIP". You should hear back from us within a week!

Current Interns - Testimonials



2018 - 2019  |  CSB/SJU  |  Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Favorite Card(s): HBD Poop Head, It can’t rain all the time, Stop Drop a Bitch

Mary is a bomb ass bitch, in the best way possible. Working for her has been such an honor and pleasure that it hasn’t even felt like work. Her shop has such a great atmosphere that it drew me in and it feels like home in a way that I never want to leave. Time flies when you are having fun and that is exactly what happened when working in the shop. We didn’t spend all the time in the shop, though. There were days when I didn’t even walk in there but those days were just as necessary. It was really cool to also see the behind the scenes on the business side of being an artist. I learned things like updating the website, filling orders, promoting merchandise and much more.

While I was an intern I got to be a part of the End of Times 3 International Broadside Exchange. I felt like I really got to be a part of it and involved in many different aspects of the exchange. Mary gave me the responsibility of the catalog design and layout, which is a great portfolio item. I also got to be a part of the panel discussion, along with the other intern. I didn’t become an intern for credit, only for personal experience, and I only wish I had had more time to spend learning and creating with Mary.

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Andrew West - Shop manager

2014 - Current  |  CSB/SJU  |  Maple Grove, Minnesota

Favorite Card(s): Bite Me , I'm All In , & Christmas Plowed

Sup! My name’s Andrew West. I graduated from Saint John’s University in May of 2018. I have a degree in Creative Writing with a focus in Fiction, and I have minors in Communication, and Book Making. I’ve been working and interning for Mary since late 2014, and am currently still around (she can’t get rid of me)!

I met Mary in the Fall Semester of my freshman year (2014) while I was taking a class called the Art of Printed Book. Obviously, as those who know Mary share this common experience, I fell in love with her and the work she does the second I saw it. I applied to be an intern at Bruno Press and had my internship that following Spring. I have been interning/working with Mary ever since.

I have no better way to describe Bruno Press other than it’s a free-spirited space that allows you to explore your creativity in a variety of different outlets. Throughout my experience at Bruno Press, I’ve helped make cards, learned to carve with linoleum, hand-set type (put that shit away too), worked with the letterpresses, created a new card system, helped with online/computer work, helped with transactions, ran booths at festivals and shows selling product, etc. The list truly goes on! And that really is the amazing thing about Bruno Press - it is an all encompassing experience. It is not specific to one thing, and I think that’s what I loved and continue to love about my experience there. While the things you do are similar, what you do specifically changes every day, and changes to what you want to do. Not only that, I think a large role in what makes working at Bruno Press so incredible is that it doesn’t necessarily feel like work. The work you do is so creative and nothing like you’ve ever done before that it’s hard to not get completely captivated in it. You can honestly be in the shop for 9 hours and it feels like you’ve been there for a half an hour.

I think another aspect of what makes this shop so amazing is the sense of accomplishment that comes with working here. Yes, while working here is one of the funnest things I’ve ever done, that’s not to say the work is easy in the least. The work we do, and the work Mary does, is time consuming. It’s difficult, tedious, straining, and at times frustrating. It’s working with an idea, seeing if it works and if it doesn’t, restarting and reworking your ideas to make it work. This shop teaches you about perseverance, attention to detail and dedication. It teaches you to follow through until the very end, and it’s because of this that it becomes one of the most rewarding things you do! The sense of accomplishment you feel after working is something that makes you want to put that same effort in every day that follows!

Bruno Press has helped me cultivate leadership skills, as well as business knowledge and skills that I truly can say I wouldn’t have received had I not interned with Mary. It’s helped me hone my creative skills, and helped me think outside of the box. What can we do more of? How can we make this better? How can we push the envelope? It’s a place that will push you to your limits, and then it’ll push you past your limits. Throughout my experience, I completely feel as if I have developed skills that I will be able to apply to many facets of my life, not simply just in my work life.

As a final note, I would also say that an instrumental aspect about what makes this shop so special is Mary, herself! At first glance, Mary can be quite intimidating. Though, if you take even a moment with her - a second to watch her get lost in what she does, a minute to listen to her talk about what she’s passionate about or the things she finds important, you’ll see she’s one of the most incredible people you’ll ever meet. She’s honestly a total softie at heart. Hang around the shop for a beer, or some whiskey, and you’ll see she has this incredible ability that makes you feel loved the second you walk through the door. And once you see her start getting to work - that’s it! It’s hard to watch her work and not become absolutely inspired.

Mary also has a wonderful quality about her that brings out the best in everyone she meets. She creates this drive in you, that makes you want to work to the best of your ability, even more! She’s a powerful woman. Strong, independent, selfless, genuine, hilarious, creative beyond a shadow of a doubt, and unafraid to pursue things to their fullest extent. She lives her life to the fullest, and without regret, and it comes out in her work ethic and the way she teaches others. She accepts you as you are, helps you learn what you want, and pushes you to think outside of your comfort zones. She also takes no shit. She puts you in your place, allows you to make mistakes and teaches you how to fix them and move forward. Mary is hands down one of the most influential people I’ve ever met, and continues to push my creativity, work ethic, and sense of adventure every day! My time and experience with Bruno Press has changed my life completely, and it’s all because of Mary.

Anna Garrison

2017 - Current  |  CSB/SJU  |  Champlin, Minnesota

Favorite Card(s): Better to Have Loved & Lost , Working Class Hero, & Stop, Drop a Bitch and Roll

I was drawn to be an intern at Mary Bruno Press because of things I heard from previous interns and faculty at the College of Saint Benedict. Since I am pursuing a career in editing/publishing/design I was told Mary was the girl I needed to work with, and they were right! The environment in the shop is so creative and inspiring that it makes me always feel great to walk into. Mary has helped me learn to be myself in all aspects of my work (creatively and professionally) by giving me confidence in what I do. Seeing how another artist works has brought focus to my own way of working and made me realize where I work best in, and as an intern I have learned many professional skills as well. How to please a customer, how to make a deadline, and more importantly how to work with others and their ideas to make a successful project. Working here at Bruno Press has also brought me friendships that I know will last for a long time, because when we work in the shop it is still a fun environment. Although the environment is always fun and upbeat, I know I can also talk to Mary if I ever have personal things going on in my life and she will be willing to listen and help me with whatever she can. Mary is very funny and is always keeping it real with us interns, customers, and friends. It's a refreshing change when I compare Mary to other bosses or professors i've had because although she is my "boss" she does not act superior toward me. Mary has influenced me in so many ways and in such a short amount of time, it makes me excited to keep working with her and to keep growing as an artist and student. Everyday I walk into the shop I know I am going to learn something new and it makes me look forward to work everyday.

I would recommend to any artist, graphic designer, writer, and even just someone looking to do something creative to apply to be an intern because Mary helps in so many ways than just being a boss. Working at Mary Bruno Press has really helped give me an idea of what I want to do next after I graduate college. Without the help of Mary I would be a lost puppy trying to find something I have a passion for. Mary helps me work toward my goals by pushing me in the right path and connecting me with her peers that she thinks will help me as well. I am thankful I get to work so closely with Mary because of how much support she gives me with everything I do. 



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Tim Scollard

2017 - Current  |  St. Cloud State University  |  McGregor, Minnesota

Hey everybody! My name is Tim Scollard, and I am a graphic design major at St. Cloud State University. My hobbies creating and experimenting with all sorts of art and design, creating and playing super good music, and basically just being awesome every day. I plan to use my degree and experience from the St. Cloud area to continue an exciting life of design!

Over the past year or so, Mary Bruno and the Bruno Press shop have become a large part of my life. I met Mary at one of her open house events, and having never been in the shop or met her in person, she welcomed me with open arms. Hanging out at the shop with everybody on that first night made me fall in love with the scene, I immediately felt at home. I knew that with the upcoming semester, I had to find an internship, and hanging out here once or twice a week would be a dream come true. After a very friendly conversation about it with Mary, I was ready to become an intern at Bruno Press!

Every day at the shop was a blast! Even with a day full of hard work and a full list of things to do, I knew I would have an excellent time getting it all done. I learned how to so many things that I would have otherwise never even thought about, such as setting type for a poster, carving a linoleum block, and inking up the press to get ready for printing. Mary put us interns to work while making sure she kept our creativity rolling, and that was very important. She was constantly asking our opinions on things, having us come up with ideas for design, and sometimes even having us design pieces from scratch ! There were so many great experiences that I will have forever, and working in the shop provided me with so much design knowledge that I would not be able to find anywhere else.

Mary and I became quite close after a few weeks with each other, and we had a lot of fun in the shop doing sometimes even the most tedious work. There's no conversation that Mary can't turn into a joke and get a laugh out of, and that's just my style. She taught me so much about design, relationships, and even miscellaneous life lessons! Shadowing Mary gave me a great idea on how to approach new projects, form tight relationships with clients, and brainstorm for great ideas. I am extremely thankful that I was able to have someone like that in my life, everything that I learned from Mary through this internship is very unique and absolutely priceless. She is a great teacher, excellent mentor, and a wonderful friend !

Thanks for everything, Mary!  

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Maggie Longendyke

2017 - Current  |  St. Cloud State University  | St. Cloud, Minnesota

Favorite Card(s): Wine , Sorry Not Sorry , I Believe In You

I have been interning with Mary for about 6 months while I have been studying at St. Cloud State University. I first heard about Bruno Press through one of my classes and then after that, a couple of my classmates started to intern with her. I always heard good things about the shop and about Mary from them and so I decided to attend one of the workshops that she was holding. After being at the workshop and seeing first hand what she was doing, I knew that it was something that I wanted to be a part of. Letterpress is such an appealing process to me because of how hands on it is. I had become so used to sitting in front of a computer screen and this internship was a great way to go outside of my comfort zone. When I first started interning with Mary, I knew next to nothing about letterpress, but with her teaching me, it was very easy for me to catch on. If someone other than Mary were to have taught me about letterpress, I know that it just wouldn't have been the wonderful experience that this has been for me. I am very excited to see what she does in the future! For anyone who is even remotely interested in letterpress, I would definitely recommend reaching out to her.


Past Interns - Testimonials

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 14.56.13.png

Nicholas R. streine

2013 - 2014  |  CSB/SJU  |  Stillwater, Minnesota

What’s up, what’s up, what is up?! I am Nicholas R. Streine and here is my Bruno Press story:

First a little background to this madness, I was a senior when I first met Mary and the only problem with that is that it should have started sooner. So I met Mary when she was rolling through the Art Center at CSB. Once she started talking she caught herself cursing in front of some students and professors… done lets start the internship now. Originally, her friend and my advisor Rachel Melis had proposed me the idea of interning with Mary. Due to my interest in graphic design and the lack of graphic design course at CSB|SJU it was a perfect fit. I was soon to find out how perfect it really was.

The first day at Bruno Press I walk through the not so Nick sized shop (I’m 6’3” 225) and Mary says verbatim “What’s up buddy ready to fuck shit up?”…. SOLD! Honestly the rest is history I could write a novel with all Bruno Press stories.

Did you learn anything at Bruno Press or was it just a fun place to go? BOTH, every day I had something to look forward to after classes. Don’t get me wrong we did a lot, truly A LOT of work but it wasn’t like work at all because I loved everything about it. It was the perfect place for me to learn all about graphic design because that’s where it all started on the press. At the same time, we still used modern technology to set up the prints for design and layout.

I finished my internship in May of 2012 when I graduated from CSB/SJU. With a little “A class” schmoozing from Mary I earned a job at Northland College in Ashland Wisconsin. My title at Northland it Graphic Design & Communication Specialist, I am responsible for a combination of promotional material design, online advertising, website & portal management, and social networking. I love my job I am doing what I love to do and I really do believe I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for my internship for real. During my interview I bribed my now co-workers with print I made during my internship. Needless to say I walked into my first day of work to find my Bruno Press poster up on the wall! BOOM! Success it’s nice to meet you looking forward to our future together!

I had to save the best for last, it wouldn’t be a Nick Streine bio without a shout out to Mary Ann, Mary’s mom (my mom away from home) and Callie the dog aka Lil Disser, aka The Barrel. Also, a shout out to my fellow interns that kicked some ass wit me Katherine, Nikki and Meghan.

Nicole Werner

2010 - 2013  |  CSB/SJU  |  Herham, Minnesota

I interned with Mary for about a year and had a great experience. It was really cool to see her go from working full-time outside of the studio to working full-time at her own business--which is inspiring to young artists unsure if they can turn their passion into a living. Anyhow, I started a blog which has some of the work I have done as well as some letterpress equipment I've collected: Mary was an instrumental part in my realization that I want to work with my hands (not only my brain and the computer screen!)--and that the world of "old school" can mesh with current technology.

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Allie Horton

2013-2014  |  CSB/SJU  |  Minneapolis, Minnesota

The colorful world of Bruno Press, (colorful in a sense of ink, paper and of course language) stays with you like last night's garlic bread.  Sure, I learned to run a C&P press with fitness and cut paper like a champ, but more than anything Mary's boldness rubbed off on me.  Months in the studio gave me the final push to silence my "you can't do this" thoughts and create my own solo exhibit titled "Musings of a Tumbleweed".  If it isn't too cocky to say, the show was quite a success and it was a delight to have Mary there.  Now this tumbleweed is headed to the big Minneapolis to spend time with more paper geniuses and see what happens next.

Greta rose barthelemy

2010 - 2011  |  CSB/SJU  |  St. Cloud, Minnesota

I worked with Mary as an intern through the College of St. Benedict for two years. I became very interested in letterpress and she was a great teacher, mentor, and eventually a great friend. I learned so much from her about the art of letterpress and running a small business. It was a blast to work in her studio; it was a lot of work at times, but we always managed to have a good laugh.

I graduated with a degree in Liberal Studies: Emphasis in Writing and Illustration, with letterpress linoleum prints as my independent study. Mary was a huge influence on my artwork my senior year. I learned a great deal about carving and printing linoleum blocks from her. I am currently living in St. Joseph, working at Schuler Shoes, and renting out a studio to create my artwork at That's it Graphics. I'm painting with oils and watercolors, and I am also working on the illustrations for a graphic novel with two close friends. I hope to eventually purchase and operate a letterpress of my own.

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 15.02.08.png

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 15.02.16.png

Kathrine hildebrand

2013 - 2014  |  CSB/SJU  |  Minneapolis, Minnesota

Alright, so trying to think of something clever to write about myself after reading Nick’s giant masterpiece is a little challenging… Whatever, let’s just start with the basics and see if anything remotely funny comes of this. Here we go!

My name is Katherine Hildebrand… No, not Katie, Kate, and for the love of God, NOT KATHY. It’s been debated whether ‘Katherine’ consists of two or three syllables… And to be completely honest, I don’t give a shit. Katherine it is! Nice to meet you!

Anyway, I heard Mary was looking for an intern while I was in one of my Junior year art classes at the College of St. Benedict… I didn’t know a thing about her, her work, or letterpress in general, for that matter, but I figured I’d give it a shot. I stepped into the shop for the first time to find Mary drinkin’ a beer as she carved away on a linoleum block. I was a little timid at first, but it didn’t take long for me to warm up to Mary... She has a knack for that; making people feel completely at ease. Once we started talking more, we realized how freakishly-alike we were. I started interning at Bruno Press, along with Nick (as I mentioned earlier), Nikki, and Meghan. I learned the basics and built from the ground up.  Mary taught me literally everything I know about letterpress. I can’t even count how many times she had to tell me I set the type backwards or upside-down… I’d like to think I’ve come a long way since then!

I am now a Senior, back for my second year of interning at Bruno Press. In between that first meeting and now has been a whole lot of knowledge-gaining, letterpress-printing, beer-drinking, laugh-attacking, karaoke-singing, booty-shaking, and memory-making. Mary has met my entire family, and whenever I leave for a visit back home, she always says, “Tell the fam hello! Give Barb a hug for me!” Mary has really become a great mentor and friend. I can’t imagine a better interning experience than this. After my first full day working at the shop, I called my mom and told her that being at Bruno Press is literally the best part of my day…  That was a year ago, and it’s still the honest-to-God truth.