2019 Bruno Press Calendar: "Minnesota Heroes" (Ilhan Omar)

Ilhan Omar- Wife/Mother/Minnesota House of Representatives

I have already been carving for months, but this calendar is so fucking solid I can hardly stand it. 

Andy (of A to Z Letterpress) and I have been talking about doing a people portrait calendar for a while, I am not great at portraits so I figured nothin' like kickin out 12+ portraits under the gun to get right good at sumthin' right quick. 
As I started to compile my list of heros, and opened up the conversation to the interwebs, I got plenty of ideas from y'all, like Prince, Dylan, Wellstone... the list goes on and on, but ever since the Lil Jon debacle (if you don't know this story, ask me about it) I swore to never do another person's likeness without their permission. This meant that I needed living people, people I might actually contact personally.
It was sort of magical finding the connections and then getting 12 total freakin' rockstars to say YES. 

I shall talk a bit about why I chose these twelve people to highlight. 

The first is someone that I thought was impressive, intelligent, articulate, and inspiring. She is the first Somali-American Muslim Legislator, Ilhan Omar. She began in politics when she was 14 years old, interpreting for her grandfather. "Watching neighbors come together to advocate for change at the grassroots level made Ilhan fall in love with the democratic process." Now that's some shit I can get behind! Seeing Ilhan lead with integrity and grit is a welcome change in the current climate of anger and disrespect. I am proud to be a Minnesotan, and Representative Omar gives me hope for a brighter future. 

To learn more about her run for Congress click HERE