Kid Collab

I wanna team up with your kid to

make something really cool! 

Your kid + my mad skills = beautiful art!


So, here is how it goes:

You:  Order the #kidcollab on my website then, email me with your mailing address and a photo of your child.

Me: I send out a small block of Linoleum, which is what I use to carve my artwork. When you receive the block, notice where the "top" of the block is and give it and the sharpie to your child and ask him/her to draw a cool picture. Tell them to fill the space (not to make something tiny in the center) and not too complicated, then mail it back to me!

Then, I proceed to make Reduction Prints with your child's drawing. I carve and print and carve and print (approx 5 times) and then have a super amazing finished product that gets framed and sent back to you to put on your wall. I also set your child's name in type and the year so you could do this every year and start a killer collection! (see Nico's "Octonaut" print above and Olivia's"Flying Cat"  below).

So when it is all finished, I mail out to you, 8 signed, limited edition prints (7 sleeved and ready to gift to people and 1 framed and ready to hang on the wall). I will also send the block back to you so you can see how it ended it up. I will take pictures and post on the interwebs (with your permission of course) and I hope to have a show when I have a good size series of #kidcollabs!

Kid Collab
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