getting cards into the hands of the people!

How very honored I would be to have my cards in YOUR STORE! You can go about this in many
different ways, you can shop the website (or request a catalog be sent to you) and as you go through the cards you will see that you can add them to the cart in  sets of six, which will work out nicely. 

When ready to check out enter the coupon code: WHOLESALE and your discount will be entered. 

If you do not want to bother with the shopping each card detail, I have put together 2 table-top box sets made up off 100 cards (2 of 50 different SKUs) that you can purchase and have ready to go! No card rack needed and very little real estate required! I have a Tradtional set (no swears) and a Smart-ass set (funny, tasteful swears) that are comprised of all best sellers! I will send you the break down of what cards are in the set so that you can have an idea of what sells best in your store!

Wholesale Box Set

This set of 100 all occasion cards comes packaged and ready to set out!
The lovely white box holds all 100 sleeved cards and is divided into popular categories:

Birthday • Congrats • Love • Salty • Sweet • Seasonal • Boozy • Sympathy • Random

Please let me know if there are any you would want more of or to leave out of the package. The traditional set will have all PG cards and the smart ass set contains more PG-13 fun, but all best sellers for sure!

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