2019 BP Calendar "Minnesota Heroes" (Dessa)

Dessa- Singer/Rapper/Writer

There are a lot of impressive women out in the world doin' impressive things. However, few of them actually, without a doubt, take my breath away with their powerful presence. This gal, she does that to me. Dessa, an incredible singer/songwriter and now a published author not only blows my mind with her performances but I cannot fathom where all the boundless greatness keeps coming from. 

Turns out she is educated, funny, powerful, beautiful, and beyond ambitious. She is part of Doomtree, a Minnesota based band that is hard to categorize because it is unlike any other music. It stands alone. Dessa is like nothing you have heard whether listening to her talk about her life or hearing the blending of her fierce rapping coupled with her angelic singing- it is mesmerizing. 

The cool thing is that she is a Minnesotan, which means she is salt-of-the-earth and isn't afraid of being a badass in going after what she wants to achieve. 

For more information about Dessa and Doomtree click HERE