2019 BP Calendar "Minnesota Heroes" (Dave & Amy Freeman)

Dave and Amy Freemen- Activists/Adventurers/Save the BWCA Advocates/Authors

People that step up to lead, to give back, and to educate, will always have my heart. Dave and Amy Freeman continue to stand up to protect that which cannot protect itself, like nature, water,  and wildlife.  

One of the ways in which they have advocated for the Boundary Waters Canoe Area was a 366 day trip to raise awareness from the threat of Sulfide-ore copper mining. As I watched a video of a handful of the days spent in deep winter with their dogsled team dragging a canoe across the frozen tundra I felt very moved at the mega-determination of these two. They are clearly committed to doing their part in making big change and bringing real awareness. As they embark on the next adventure it is clear that they have found a profound joy and love for what they do.  Makes me wanna be a better Minnesotan too, thanks for takin' the lead you guys. 

For more information or to donate to the cause click HERE