2019 BP Calendar "Minnesota Heroes" (Gene Loxtercamp)

Gene Loxtercamp- Husband/Father/Century Farmer/Collector/Horseman

I have yet to meet Gene but I have a deep and profound respect for farmers, especially farmers that have always been farmers, and in Gene's case, this farm was started by his grandfather, George, in 1906. I think what fascinates me about Gene is not only that he is a farmer, which is rad as hell, but that he has a great love of collecting vintage horse-drawn implements and is dedicated to demonstrating and preserving this aspect of our rural farm history for future generations.  I too know that love of history and doin' things the old school way so I can dig that. Gene also has a interesting past of working with Shire horses that are not too common in the states.  His first Shires were imported from England 30 years ago, and they are big, tall horses, built to work - Gene uses them during Northern Minnesota Draft Horse Association field demonstration events of antique horse-drawn farm equipment.   I know that our current world is not easy on farmers nor has it ever been, so farmers are real heroes to me.