2019 BP Calendar "Minnesota Heroes" (Patty Wetterling)

Patty Wetterling- Mother/Wife/U.S. Advocate of Children's Safety/ Chair of National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Geez, what can I say about Patty? I have always known of Patty but I had never really talked to her or got to know her until she so kindly agreed to be one of my MN Heroes. She came by the shop and sat with me and we talked for almost 2 hours. She is one of the most kind and sincere humans I have ever had the pleasure to meet. We talked about being part of a small town community where neither of us were born but we both put down roots. We talked about some of the things that Patty set into motion since the abduction of her son Jacob,  over the 2 decades ago. She has turned her insurmountable pain into action and change for many children and families. She somehow through all of that still loves with her whole heart and does not look for scapegoats or blame. That is true inspiration and takes a real hero's heart, thank you Patty for all the work you have done to make the world a safer place. We will continue to honor Jacob with our thoughts and porch lights and remembering his number 11. 

For more information about the Jacob Wetterling Foundation click HERE