2019 BP Calendar "Minnesota Heros" (Louie Anderson)

Louie Anderson- Comedian/Actor

I have loved Louie Anderson since I first saw his stand up comedy, the way he described his dad made me think of my own dad. Louie's self deprecating humor was not only freakin side-splittingly hilarious, but came from such a true and honest place. There was nothing like watching a Minnesota native continue to rock the celeb life with such grace and sincerity. 

I have been a fan since he had that cartoon Louie & Me, and now he is absolutely killing it in the new series called "Baskets" on fx. Anderson won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for his performance as Christine Baskets in 2016. Man, I cannot get enough of the show and watching him playing the "role of a lifetime" has been so exciting. As a self proclaimed funny person myself, I have a soft spot for genuinely funny, talented people that do what they do with all they've got. Way to freakin go Louie, Minnesota loves you.

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