2019 BP Calendar "Minnesota Heroes" (Mike Mills)

Meeting Mike Mills, a 21-year veteran, when he popped by my printshop was pretty damn incredible. I had read a few stories I could find on the internet about his deployment to Iraq that resulted in his life altering encounter with an improvised explosive device. I was sort of nervous to be in the presence of a person that has made the ultimate sacrifices to protect my freedom but Mike walked into my printshop with a big friendly grin and told me his story.

It humbles me in a profound way to listen to Mike talk about the suicide rate of our military veterans. Then I watch as he lights up and tells me about the work that he does to help his military “family” cope with PTSD and other things that a punk like me could never understand. He started a website called For The Veteran in which Mills shares his own thoughts and fears about the things he has been through, another amazing resource is Camp Bliss, which is a retreat center in Northern MN for veterans and their families.

Mike received the The Purple Heart and was also the first Minnesotan to receive the American Patriot Award. Clearly Mike has a full heart and is continuing his healing journey by helping others and sharing that love. What a hero. Thank you Mike for all you have done for this country, for the military community, and for your own Minnesota community.