2019 BP Calendar "Minnesota Heroes" (Robyne Robinson)

For 20 years Robyne Robinson was a reporter and then news anchor/co-anchor for Fox affiliate KMSP in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn. and worked at KMSP-TV since 1990, when KMSP was independent Minnesota 9. In 2005 she received an Upper Midwest Emmy for “Best Anchor”. Hers was a kind and warm face that I grew up with seeing on the news. Her demeanor and confident, professional poise was always something that inspired me to believe the ol’ “you can be whatever you wanna be, kid” sentiment that people always say. It is always different for girls, it just is, it’s the world we live in. To see Robyne paving the way for not only women but also for being the first African American female news anchor in the Twin Cities as well as the first African American inducted into the Minnesota Broadcasting Hall of Fame. She makes me proud to be a woman and a Minnesotan.

I think the things that impress me most about Robyne are her determination and constant evolution and reinvention. When she first spoke about leaving TV, it was thought to be about pursuing her growing line of jewelry, which is cool as hell. Then she threw everyone a loop in 2010 when she started talking about joining Minnesota DFL Rep. Matt Entenza to be his running mate for Governor. Though Entenza’s run was not successful, she was grateful for the opportunity.

Robinson has since moved on to working in the arts - first as Director of Arts @ MSP with the Metropolitan Airports Commission, now working as the airports Public Art Consultant through her new firm fiveXfive. She also serves and volunteers on many boards that are supportive of art spaces and women. That is incredible, that is a true leader and hero for the rest of us. She is unwavering in her determination and is the picture of grace and style.

Thanks for all you do for artists in Minnesota Robyne, we are lucky to have you.